This is a rogue edition of the

Second Edition, Revised
(Originally published 1982)

Meredy Amyx, Editor

American Mensa Ltd.
Published under the auspices of the American Mensa Committee

Copyright (c) 1975, 1982 American Mensa Ltd. All rights reserved.


Rev. 0.1, slightly revised and spiffed up by
Dick and Meredy Amyx, January 2002

Part I: The Basics
1. What You Absolutely Need to Know
2. Getting Started

Part II: The Publication
3. Content
4. Production
5. Distribution
6. Finances
7. Record-Keeping and Reporting
8. Especially for SIGs

Part III: The Editor
9. Your Editorial Role
10. Mensa and You
11. The Voice of Experience
12. The Reference Shelf